RBS 11

Complete with a:
Bait Chamber
2 Conical entrance parts
Connect ring
2x Metal bait rods the bait station is a complete solution for your rodent problems.

Key features:

• Can hold rodenticides
• Can hold a snapper: L x W x H: (139 x 77 x 95mm)
• Two RBS-11 tunnels can be connected, if more snappers are required
• Can hold a glue board in a fixed position
• To be used outdoors
• To be fixated into the ground (by optional Ground Anchor System)
• Lockable bait chamber
• Waterproof design
• Executed with drain holes
• Round entrance and exit of 60mm in diameter
• Heavy duty model




Professional control unit RBS-11

The RBS-11 is a large multifunctional bait tunnel, designed for outdoor use. <br>
Its main purpose is to trap larger rodents (such as rats) and is to be installed in rural areas. 

Typical locations are:
• Next to the river, in the water bank.
• In forest areas.
• Around parking lots on the highway.

Dimensions with conical parts: 664 x 165 x 150 mm
Dimensions without conical parts: 360 x 165 x 150 mm
Weight (kg): 0,85
Material: High Grade Polypropylene
Finishing: Without inner or outer shap edges
Thickness: 2,5mm
Color: Black
Mounting position: Free standing. Optional ground anchor available
Guarantee: 1 year on mechanical defects
Pallet volume: 128 pcs
Scope of supply: Bait Chamber / 2 x Conical entrance part / Key / Connect ring / 2 x Metal bait rods
Placement label: A label (warning sticker) can be placed on top (148 x 79 mm)