Our Glue (blue)boards

Introducing Blueboards

Alcochem BlueBoards come with an unique design that can be regonized by the smart scanner from Alcochem.

These Blueboards are the ideal compromise between the required colour contrast we need to visualise the insects and the aesthetics that clients demand from these boards. As the blue colour of the boards match up with the blue light emitted by the UV-A lamps, the Blueboard blends completely into the background.

Glue boards

The adhesives used for the boards are glues with very special characteristics designed to grab and then hold very light but often strong insects over an extended period of time under very demanding conditions. Insects are extremely light and create little or no pressure on the areas were they land.

If the designated landing area is a glue board, than we still want these insects retained on the board with no change of escaping. In addition to this demand we want the boards to be handled easy and at a wide variety of temperatures.

From close to 0 degrees Celsius up to 65 degrees Celsius, the glue boards will have to perform its function: keep the insects on the board.

Not only the glue needs to be of excellent quality, but also the actual board must be optimised for this task. It needs to be strong enough and may not deform over time.