i-trap 30 LED

With its innovative design, the i-trap 30 is recommended for use in homes, offices, shops and restaurants. The i-trap is constructed in such a way that the UV-A light is directed upwards.


  • Effective & proven design
  • Energy saving UV-A LED technology
  • OFFERS OVER 79 kW* OF SAVINGS per unit / per year.
  • 3 year lifespan (25.000 hrs) of the UV-A LED lamp
*compared to a traditional 15 watt lamp with magnetic ballast




The discreet & functional i-trap 30 LED for 30 m² wall mounted unit

LED lamps

Astron 15W LED - 11W power consumption - i-trap 30 LEDLED technology for i-trap 30 LED offers clear advantages in terms of efficiency (lower energy consumption) and its footprint (compactness)


Insects are caught on a glue layer, which preserves them over time. The caught insects can be counted and insect species can be analysed, which offers clear advantages in an IPM approach.


Recently special LED’s have entered the market, which have the ability to generate ultraviolet light; UV-A LED’s. These special LED’s form the heart of a new generation UV-A lamps; the ASTRON UV LED 15 watt lamp. The fact that the name of this new LED lamp mentions 15 watt lies in the fact that this lamp replaces a traditional 15 watt lamp and for this it only needs 11 watts to offer the same UV-A output performance.

Advantages ASTRONUV LED 15 watt lamp 

• The ASTRON UV LED 15 Watt lamp is designed for low power consumption and high brightness. 
• There are no harmful substances in the ASTRON UV LED 15 watt lamp. 

Conclusion: It’s an eco-friendly product. 

• The ASTRON UV LED 15 watt lamps complies to the int. standards and are perfectly save to use. 
• Specially designed single ultraviolet wavelength, optimised for insect control. In other words, The perfect replacement lamp for the 15 Watt mercury lamp. 
• The ASTRON UV LED 15 watt lamp does not require a ballast.
• The ASTRON UV LED 15 watt lamp only consumes 11 Watt and offers significant energy savings over the traditional 15 Watt lamp. (see the table here below) 
• The ASTRON UV LED 15 watt lamp has an operational lifetime of 25.000 hrs (3 years of constant use*2) 
• The ASTRONUV LED 15 watt lamp uses class A LED’s which comply to the highest standards. Above all, this ensures a trouble free use. 
• The ASTRONUV LED 15 Watt lamp is executed in a full shatterproof executed design (no glass is used) 
• Guarantee period: 2 years on electrical failures (mechanical defaults are excluded from guarantee) 


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Area coverage
Light source
Type of UV lamps
Electrical supply
Catch specifications
Power consumption
Degree of protection
Int. building norm
Lamp life time
Dimensions (L x D x H)
Mounting position

30-50 m2 
1x 15 Watt Astron UV-A LED lamp 
UV LED Lamps RoHS certified 
100-240 V ~ 50-60 Hz 
By means of long life glue board 
11 W 
2 Kg 
IP 20 (drip proof) 
2 year return to base 
acc. IEC-335-259 int. standard for insect exterminators 
25.000 hrs (*) 
494 x 147 x 165 mm 
Wall mounted 
Full color box included 
Enclosed with the unit in English 
Unit can be dismantled without special tools 

(*) after 25.000 hours a loss of 30% in efficiency has to be expected and lamps need to be replaced

  • Effective & proven design 
  • Energy saving UV-A LED technology offers over 79 kW* of savings per unit per year. 
  • 3 year lifespan (25.000 hrs) of the UV-A LED lamp 
  • Environmental friendly: no restricted chemicals used in the product design. 
  • RoHS / REACH / ISO and CB compliant 
  • Fast and simple maintenance of the unit. 
  • Optimized glue board offers fast catch results and a fast analysis 
  • 2 years of guarantee 
  • High quality casing offers over 5 years of operational use 
  • Fast mounting and fast service