OMNNIVEO Smart Control

With its discreet design, the Omniveo insect control unit (with traditional or LED lamps) is recommended for use in shops and restaurants and dry industrial environments. The unit can be wall mounted; centered euro-slot mounting holes offers easy maintenance & service.

OMNIVEO 2 Smart Control / OMNIVEO 3 Smart Control


  • 220-240V ~ 50-60 Hz (Other supply upon request)
  • CE / EMC / LVD / RoHS / REACH / ISO 9001 compliant
  • Back-up battery can store data up to over 1 year




The discreet & functional 100 m² wall mounted unit

LED lamps for OMNIVEO

LED technology offers clear advantages in terms of efficiency (lower energy consumption) and its footprint (compactness)

Traditional lamps for OMNIVEO Smart Control

Astron is the Greek word for “Bright Star”, which is exactly what these lamps offer.  The Astron UV lamps offer a reliable UV output.


Insects are caught on a glue layer, which preserves them over time. The caught insects can be counted and insect species can be analysed, which offers clear advantages in an IPM approach.


Energy saving & effective Smart control, go hand in hand

OMNIVEO Smart Control wall mounting system.

A new generation of insect control units suitable for real time monitoring of flying insects. With its discreet design it’s recommended for use in shops and restaurants and dry industrial environments. 

Real-time monitoring of insects is a huge leap forward.
Easy to service, stylish and effective.

Smart control

The OMNIVEO Smart Control works through new innovations. By means of a high speed camera. The camera records insects which are lured into the trap onto a glue board by an ultraviolet light source. The data is immediately forwarded to the user. 

This is possible thanks to worldwide connectivity over KPN’s LTE-M network (with fallback on 2G) and the IoT platform named Cockpit. 


Technical information of the smart control unit


Periodically the data coming from the OMNIVEO Smart Control units are collected and compiled on the server and the actual insect infestation level is calculated.  Alarm levels can also be pre-programmed. 

When this alarm level is reached, the info is relayed to a service technician, who can take immediate action and drive up to the client, where he can carry out a root cause analysis at the time when it is best suited: directly at the beginning of a potential infestation problem.


The System

  • Flexibele service

Offered when it is most needed. Control module is also executed with a bluetooth link up.

  • Fast processing of data
  • Historical data is retained

Once a connection with a smart phone is established, the smart Control App will present full details on the technical status of the unit and present the insect trend analysis.

Communication module for connection via the (x)G netwerk for the App and managementsystem.

  • 2 or 3 tubes 15 Watt UV-A shatterproof / 2 or 3 LED ASTRON Tubes
  • IP 20 or IP 65 (Suited for use in dry or wet areas)
  • Reaching CE/ RoHS / REACH / ISO 9001 norm
  • Recyclable parts

Electrical supply: 220-240V ~ 50-60 Hz (Other supply upon request) 

Effective area: 50 – 100 m2 

IP rating: IP 20 or IP 65 (Suited for use in dry or wet areas)

Lamp: 2x 15 W or 3x 15 W Astron UV-A lamps in Traditional or LED execution

Glue board: Scannable blue board technology, multiple size board placement

Approvals: CE / EMC / LVD / RoHS / REACH / ISO 9001 compliant

Guarantee: 2 years on mechanical & electrical performance

Ballast: A Philips Electronic Ballast, 40k hrs lifetime

Back-up: Back-up battery can store data up to over 1 year

Housing: Plastic chassis

Data storage: Protected area, access via cloud software

Technical specifications: Smart control 

Monitoring: In real time, by means of a camera on the module. 

Camera module: monitors over 80% of landing area

System Communication: In real time, by means of 2G/LTE-M on the module via Bluetooth connection (time, catch, parameters)

Flexible Camera & Communication module can also be mounted retrofit

Smart Control system

Camera module

  • Camera:  High speed HR camera 
  • Image capturing: In real time, up to 75 t/second
  • Board % surveillance: ≥ 60% of the board surface is monitored
  • Communication: Bluetooth to smartphone App (Android and iOS) 
  • Traceability: Unique identifier (serial number) on module
  • Lifetime: Lifetime expectancy is 40.000 hrs (around 5 years)

Communication module

  • Transmittance: Over the xG network + LTE-M (via internal sim card)
  • Antenne: Internal
  • Installment: Factory placed or retrofit (in the field)
  • Data collection: Via Cloud,  API of Bluetooth
  • Data send
    • Amount of insects caught per time annum
    • Alarm level (soft & hard)
    • Lamp replacement status
    • Failure mode unit
  • Traceability: Unique identifier (serial number) on module
  • Safety aspect: Data encrypted and protected
  • The unit can be mounted onto the wall. 
  • Effective coverage of areas up to 120 m2 
  • Effective & proven design 
  • Energy saving UV-A LED technology offers up to 150 kW of savings per unit per year. (comparing to the unit with fluorescent lamps) 
  • up to 3 year lifespan (25.000 hrs) of the UV-A LED lamp 
  • The ABS housing offers a light but strong body, easy to handle. 
  • Fast and simple maintenance of the unit.
  • Glue board placed discreetly behind the lamps, which offers optimized performance 
  • 2 years of guarantee on unit 

Monitoring via the cloud

The cloud server provides access to a portal, developed by Alcochem Hygiene and her IT partner, where the incoming data can be processed and visualised in a flexible way.