Astron Fluorescent lamps

Also available for the new OMNIVEO 2 and 3 units




Fluorescent UV-A lamps

  • The UV 15 W lamp only consumes 15 W
  • Operational lifetime of 9.000 hrs (1 year of constant use)

Recently we introduced a  15 W lamp in the market, which have the ability to generate high level ultraviolet light.
This lamp is a part of the heart of a new generation UV-A lamps/units; the ASTRON UV-A 15 Watt lamp.

Our improved UV-A bluetooth tester is able to measure the level of the UV-A light given off by a UV-A lamp Fluorescent or LED. Flying insects are drawn towards UV-A light with a specific wavelength peak of 365 nmSee our UV-A tester

The shatterproof coating used on all our UV-A lamps meet following specifications: 

  • A high UV-A output of around 60% after 1 year of operational use.
  • Drop test proof up to a drop height of 3 metres 
  • Genuine FEP coating, with a thickness of 0,3mm 
  • Meet the EN 61549 Standard 
  • A guaranteed 1 year life time 
  • A high UV-A output of around 60% after 1 year of operational use 
  • Environmental friendly production, meets all environmental regulations 
  • ISO 9001 production standard 
  • Manufactured in Europe 
  • Available for the best price, without compromising on quality & performance 
  • Available in 15 and 18 watt UV-A straight lamp and 18 & 36 Watt UV-A PL-L execution 

All lamp series are available in a non-shatterproof and shatterproof execution.