The discreet & functional 100 m² wall mounted unit

LED lamps for OMNIVEO

LED technology offers clear advantages in terms of efficiency (lower energy consumption) and its footprint (compactness)

Traditional lamps for OMNIVEO

Astron is the Greek word for “Bright Star”, which is exactly what these lamps offer.  The Astron UV lamps offer a reliable UV output.


Insects are caught on a glue layer, which preserves them over time. The caught insects can be counted and insect species can be analysed, which offers clear advantages in an IPM approach.


Energy saving & effective Smart control, go hand in hand

Omniveo wall mounting system.

A new generation of insect control units suitable for real time monitoring of flying insects. With its discreet design it’s recommended for use in shops and restaurants and dry industrial environments. 

Real-time monitoring of insects is a huge leap forward.
Easy to service, stylish and effective.

Smart control

The Omniveo Smart Control works through new innovations. By means of a high speed camera. The camera records insects which are lured into the trap onto a glue board by an ultraviolet light source. The data is immediately forwarded to the user. 

This is possible thanks to worldwide connectivity over KPN’s LTE-M network (with fallback on 2G) and the IoT platform named Cockpit.