UV-A Bluetooth tester

UV-A tester for Analysing UV-A lamps with your mobile

The new Bluetooth UV-A tester has been developed to check status of UV-A lamps out in the field. It can be used by service technician, sales persons, but also by clients and auditor inspectors.

This tool was designed to offer a price competitive, easy to use tool, which will allow you to check status on the efficiency of UV-A lamps. As we all know: there is still little or no awareness on the fact that UV-A light diminishes over time and as a result lamps are not replaced or replaced too late.

This is a compact and easy to use UV sensor, used to measure UV-A output from UV lamps, which will replace the previous model




How to use the bluetooth UV-A tester?

The bluetooth UV tester measures and analyses the UV-A light from your UV-A lamps inside your flytrap/insect-trap. It connects to every Smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 or higher..

This enables you to ensure your insect-traps are working efficiently. You can also compare and see for yourself how much more efficient the ASTRON or SIGNIFY/PHILIPS UV-A lamps are!

In fact, unless you are using ASTRON or PHILIPS bulbs already, you might be surprised at how little UV-A light is coming off many other lamps!
The Alcochem UV-A tester simply works with your smartphone

Connect the bluetooth UV-A tester to your Smartphone with the Alcochem app (available in the app stores). The UV-A tester is powered by a cell battery with a lifespan approx. 1 year.

To provide the data you need to ensure your lamps are working to keep your premises free of flying insects.

Suitable for: UV-A tubes. Fluorescent and LED versions.


Suitable for


UV-A measuring range




Weight (incl. bumper)

Supported smartphones

Supported Bluetooth

Material bumper


Protection level

Storage temperature


UV-A lamp tester BT

Measuring UV-A lamps (lamp types as shown in the App)

Bluetooth 4.2 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

310-400 nm

+/- 80%

CR2032 Button cell

40 x 80 x 17 mm

38 gram

Android 4.2 or higher, iOS 8.0 or higher

4.0 or higher


CE approved


5-60 ◦C

1 year return to base on electrical failures

The new Bluetooth UV-A tester has been developed to check status of UV-A lamps out in the field. It can be used by service technician, sales persons, but also by clients and auditor inspectors. 

The Solution

The Smartphone as the process and read-out tool. For the connection between the Bluetooth UV sensor and the Smartphone we use the Bluetooth communication, which is simple to use and reliable.

A special app is developed, which can be freely downloaded for the iPhone and the Android based smart phones from May / June 2021 onwards. Simply go to the Google play store or the App store and download the Bluetooth UV-A tester software (free of advertising) 

Simply search for: Bluetooth UV-A tester 

The software offers

  • A read out in a visual display, an absolute value and an indicative signal. 
  • The possibility to store the photo with the read-out value 
  • The possibility to email the photo with the read-out value 
  • A link to the website, were more details are available 
  • A FAQ section 


Install the app on Smartphone

  • Download the App on your smart phone 
  • Make sure the Bluetooth function on your phone is working 
  • Open up the App, it now opens the screen: Find devices 
  • Switch on the Bluetooth UV tester ( blue LED shows that is in operation) 
  • On the App press the round search button 
  • In the search field an item is shown. By pressing the SELECT button you can now make a blue tooth connection. Once you have done this, the measurement screen opens up and you can take a UV measurement