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Alcochem - Flex-trap 45

Technical specifications

The powerful 45 m² wall mounted insect control unit

With its revolutionary design, the Flex-trap 45 is recommended for use in homes, offices, shops and restaurants. The unit can be mounted in multiple positions onto the wall or the ceiling or it can even be used free standing.
The Flex-trap 45 has a stainless steel front grid, with the housing made of durable ABS plastic and white powder coated steel. Once the insects enter the Flex-trap, they are effectively controlled by a centrally placed glue board.
Easy to service, stylish and effective; 
the Flex-trap 45 offers it all.



to start using the Flex-trap 45:

The unit can be used in 10 different mounting positions including on the wall, ceiling
or free standing.
Up to 4 units can be linked together by means of an optional interlink cable.
Glue board discretely placed behind the lamp.
In the heart of the unit is the most powerful UV-A lamp available: Exclusive to
ALCOCHEM the Philips Longlife UV-A lamp offers 2 years of effective use. The Philips
Longlife lamp is specifically designed to match the fly’s vision spectrum with the lamp’s
output, for optimum attracting power.
Effective coverage of areas up to 45 m².
Easy to service with direct access to lamp, board and starter.
Meets ISO 9001 / RoHS & the CE standard. Unit is HACCP compliant.
30% improved performance over conventional units due to its unique attraction grid,
which reflects the light onto the landing spot thereby stimulating the landing behavior
of flying insects.
Special brackets available, for different mounting locations.
2 year full guarantee on mechanical aspects.

Technical specifications

Area coverage
Light source
Type of UV lamps
Electrical supply
Catch specifications
Power consumption
Degree of protection
Int. building norm
Lamp life time
Dimensions (LxWxD)
Mounting position
Cable & plug
45 m2 effective coverage
1 x 15 Watt shatterproof Philips Longlife UV-A lamp
UV-A Lamp RoHS certified
220-240V ~ 50Hz, other voltages upon request
By means of effective glue board
22 Watt
4 Kg
Metal housing
IP 21 (drip proof)
2 year return to base
acc. IEC 60.335-259 int. standard for insect exterminators
17,500 hrs (*)
550 x 120 x 120 mm
Wall mounted, ceiling mounted or free standing

(*) After 17,500 hours of use, the Longlife lamp still offers 75% of its initial UV-A output value

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