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Alcochem - Industrial

i-trap 120E

10 Reasons
Technical specifications

The robust 100 m² flag or ceiling mounted insect control unit

With its robust design, the i-trap 120E is recommended for use in professional or industrial environments.  The i-trap can be flag
mounted on the wall or ceiling mounted. Mounting is a breeze with
the snap-on mounting bracket. 
The i-trap 120E has an aluminium housing, which makes the unit
both light and strong. Once the insects enter the i-trap, they will be
effectively controlled by mean of a centrally placed glue board.
Easy to service, robust, yet elegant and effective;
the i-trap 120E offers it all.

10 Reasons

10 reasons to start using the i-trap 120E unit:

The unit can be mounted onto the wall or onto the ceiling.
The aluminium housing offers a light but strong body, easy to handle.
Glue board placed discretely behind the lamp, which offers optimized performance.
In the heart of the unit is the most powerful UV-A lamp available: Exclusive to ALCOCHEM the Philips Longlife UV-A lamp offers 2 years of effective use. The Philips Longlife lamp is specifically designed tomatch the fly’s vision spectrum with the lamp’s output, for optimumattracting power.
Effective coverage of areas up to 100 m².
Easy to service with direct access to lamps and glue board.
Meets ISO 9001 / RoHS & the CE standard. Unit is HACCP compliant.
Durable quality components, industrial design. The i-trap 120E is executed with a high frequency ballast, which offers lower operational costs and makes the use of a starter redundant.
The electronic ballast also offers a high frequency light pulse which means the insect cannot distinguish the lamp from natural UV-A light so providing greater attraction.
2 year full guarantee on the mechanical aspects.

Technical specifications

Area coverage
Light source
Type of UV lamps 
Electrical supply
Catch specifications
Power consumption
Degree of protection
Int. building norm
Lamp life time
Dimensions (LxWxD)
Mounting position 
Cable & plug
100-150 m2 effective coverage
4 x 15 Watt shatterproof Philips Longlife UV-A lamps
UV-A Lamp RoHS certified
110-240 V ~ 50-60 Hz
By means of effective glue board
65 Watt
6 Kg
Metal housing
IP 20
2 year return to base
acc. IEC 60.335-259 int. standard for insect exterminators
17,500 hrs (*)
580 x 360 x 150 mm
Wall, flag or ceiling mounted

(*)After 17,500 hours of use, the Longlife lamp still offers 75% of its initial UV-A output value

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