UV-A Bluetooth Tester

UV-A tester for Analysing UV-A lamps with your mobile

The new Bluetooth UV-A tester has been developed to check status of UV-A lamps out in the field. It can be used by service technician, sales persons, but also by clients and auditor inspectors.

This tool was designed to offer a price competitive, easy to use tool, which will allow you to check status on the efficiency of UV-A lamps. As we all know: there is still little or no awareness on the fact that UV-A light diminishes over time and as a result lamps are not replaced or replaced too late.

This is a compact and easy to use UV sensor, used to measure UV-A output from UV lamps, which will replace the previous model

UV-A meter – meets HACCP

UV-A Light Meter

Shedding light on increased sales and new clients with the Alcochem™ UV-A Light Meter

The improved UV-A meter is able to measure the level of the UV-A light given off by a UV-A lamp. Flying insects are drawn towards UV-A light with a specific wavelength peak of 360 nm. The higher the amount of UV-A light generated by a UV-A lamp, the more efficiently it will attract flying insects.

UV-A tester

UV-A tester</h1 For Analysing UV-A lamps with your Mobile.

It’s a tiny, beautifully designed with Aluminum body, UV monitor/tester that connects to your phone to measure and analyze the UV-A light from UV lamps. Prior to taking a UV-A reading, make sure that the lamp has been working for at least 5 minutes.

• Depending on the ambient temperature, it can take up to 5 minutes for a UV-A lamp to reach its full UV-A output.
• Depending on the type of Smartphone, the sensitivity of the measurement may differ and result in abnormal value.